Home Becomes An 'Island' In Building Row.

This family’s home located in Chongqing, central China, was left standing on its own island as the family refused to move out.

It all started when they refused to accept compensation to move and, while the row rumbled on, the bulldozers excavated the site around them. Rumoured to have government connections, the family is not expected to be forced out.

Update 4/3/07: Seems like the house has finally been demolished: Link - Thanks Joe Hasting!

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All this about morality is rubbish. These people were just waiting for a BIGGER payout... which after costing the developers lot's of money because of delays they got. The couple were happy to move, but felt the payment they were offered and all their neighbours accepted was too low, so they just waited and refused to move until they were paid more... so don't feel sorry for them, they're greedy scum.
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Actually the people ARE still living there in defiance at the Government bullying that backs developers and has forced all the other neighbours out. The wife keeps the husband supplied, and he winches all his foodstuffs up with a pulley, but I can't for the life of me figure out if and how they get in and out.
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why would they dig a big hole around this building and then leave it that way? it doesnt matter about the digging. they will just build new buildings around it and in a couple months it will be sandwiched inbetween a bunch of new construction. they cant get in and out now, but in no time there will be new concrete all around it and the old house will have new neighbors.
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I doubt they're living there now. Obviously there isn't any way in or out of the house, but also there is no power lines, water pipes or sewer pipes going to/from the property.

I similar situation happened in my home town years ago after they legalized gambling. The city promised a casino land that it hadn't yet acquired. There was a business located there and they guy refused to move. The casino ended up having to build a walkway that went over his land.
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