The Sarajevo Rose.

MC Hammerheadshark uploaded to his Flickr this image of the Sarajevo Rose (wiki). He tells the Wooster Collective:

"As I was passing through Sarajevo I couldn't help but notice the effects of the Bosnian War. It's everywhere, in the buildings, in the people, in the graveyards that stretch blocks and blocks. But the most impactful of these markings are on the street. While walking the city you are sure to come across a splattering pattern of pock-marks from where a mortar round hit.

To signify places of significant deaths, the explosion marks are filled in with red resin to create the Sarajevo Rose."

Link - via Wooster Collective

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I help edit Yayo's posts for grammar and spelling, but not his comments. :)

For the record, I find Yayo's posts quite interesting - he finds stuff I otherwise wouldn't have found. Yayo has been a prolific contributor before he became an author for the blog.

For the record, I also find many of Ted's point of view very valid and well thought out - he's one of Neatorama's most prolific commenters who also can think critically.

So make friends, guys :)
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When I get annoyed I type fast.
I know the Pompeii post, thanks, I suggested it to Alex long ago before I became editor in Neatorama. You talked about the material in the holes on the ground, I talked about the material in a bronze statue and not those clay casts from Pompeii.

Love you too.


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Wow, there's a vast difference between the quality of the English in your first post and your second one. I'm inclined to think the second one is fake.

The Pompeii comment was not about bronze, but the plaster casts of actual dead people from Pompeii. We look at death, but it fails to hit home in a meaningful way. I'm not sure what you're saying, otherwise. You sound like you're agreeing with me, but I can't be sure.

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I think it's all in your eyes. The resin just prevents the gaps from being filled with dust and dirt...

It's not a monument. And there are still bitches thinking it's got something to do with your beloved "America"... donno how the hell can someone "trivialize" everything he reads or knows to spite out those words...
I think that TROLL comment is just out of topic.

The bronce of a face cast statue from ancient romans does not trivialize at all the fact that there was a guy once casting it and the like.

Stupid turists may be stupid wherever they go and won't see there a prove of a past civil war but a monument to take photos on, it's all in his stupid eyes and not in mine ones.

I would like you to think twice the words you choose before spitin' them out ^g^

If you ever come to Spain and visit the Franco tomb in El Valle de los Caidos you can take photos and say what a magnificent man is buried in there... But the whole place was built on the blood of slaves and political prisoners... It depends on you to see that.
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