Pay to Stay: Upgraded Jail.

Jail is no picnic, but it can be a lot nicer if you're willing to pay a bit extra:

Pay to stay can be summer camp compared with state prison. A criminal who can afford to pay for his jail stay enjoys privileges that make his punishment more bearable.

For starters, Jaramillo may be able to bring his cellphone and a laptop computer. A screenwriter who paid to do his brief sentence in Fullerton was able to finish his screenplay on his laptop, said jailer Efren Ragay. ...

Jaramillo will also be allowed family visits in a patio in front of the police station, where he can enjoy restaurant meals that visitors can bring him. Otherwise it is frozen dinners from the microwave. The cost to be the city's guest is $75 per day. Usually, the entire sum is payable in advance, but because of Jaramillo's longer sentence he will probably be able to pay in installments, said Lt. John Petropulos.

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Grand Theft Auto: Fullerton

Make tough guys your bitches and then loan them out for money to acquire premium items such as cellular phones and laptops. Amass cell-block territory, bribe the guards, do contract hits, smuggle in drugs and weapons, and eventually take over Efren Ragay's job as jailer.
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More proof that laws and how they are applied need to be redefined.

In the past prisons were invented to keep criminals away from society and today it's the opposite. Prisons are like criminal's castle now.

Im all in favor of brainwashing for criminals. Seems a lot less cruel and way more effective.
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