Bizarro Caption Contest.

Thanks to Dan Piraro of Bizarro, we have our first ever caption contest: funniest caption wins a Free Neatorama T-Shirt! (Contest rule: 1 caption per comment, please - and keep it funny yet civil. You can submit multiple comments).

Update 3/3/07: Congrats to #22 Chris Williamson for the winning entry! And thank you for everyone who participated - that was fun! Here's the winning caption:

Again, I understand how anyone could have made the same mistake, but the Zen Garden was a gift from my mother.

"Transcend into the bliss, let go of your anger, remain in the present. Your percieved need to itch that flea bite is only the physical distraction of the ever suffering body... let it's not dinner time yet."
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"I sense you are not listening to me. I also sense that you have found that "catnip toy" I fashioned for you out of highly-explosive materials."
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Something wonderful will happen, and this is the best way. everyone will wake up to a joyous understanding of what is important for all life forms, not just for cats. The awakening is gentle and people need to pay attention. If i came back as a person, many people would just start yakking at each other about who believed what and who was closer to right and who wasn't and on and on. Instead, none of that will need to be said. Instead of yakking at each other they will pay attention to the world and the needs of all the life forms.
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Sorry about that neutering, sir. We all really believed that reincarnation stuff was a scam, y'know, and besides...who'd a thunk the Dalai Lama would come back as a cat.
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