The Midlife Crisis Car Goes Green.

One of the drawbacks to the widespread use of electric cars has been that they’re usually pretty ugly. The Tesla Roadster will change that perception. It runs on 100% electricity, for 250 miles per charge at about a penny per mile. Plus it goes from zero to 60mph in about 4 seconds. These cars are sold out now, but reservations are being taken for the 2008 models. Link -via Dump Trumpet

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The battery should be okay for any kind of weather. You can buy regular marine batteries for your standard car/truck. I'm sure these would be the same. At least it should be for the cost of this car. 92000 dollars. Pfft. Yeah, it's got good mpg, but how long until that's paid off? If you could save 2000 dollars of fuel a year it would take 46 years to pay this off, and that is only if there's no maintenance fees, or battery replacements.

The other problem with electric and hybrids is the battery. The battery has been around for over 100 years and they still aren't really that much better. Yeah they can hold a longer charge, but for the average human needs, it still equals out to less than 3 hours. Also you can't just replace these batteries. They will need to be installed by a hoist due to their size and weight. How much would a replacement battery cost?

That's what's annoying about this whole new car phase. They're all doing hybrids or standard fuel with better mpg. Yeah, that's good and all, but how many emissions are being released by the car manufacturers to make these cars? No one cracks down on them about this. At the same time people are selling their 3-5 year old car for these new cars thinking their making things better. As far as I'm concerned, you're better off buying a used car, bring it up to standard emissions, or if you are a green guy like me, bring it up to the best emissions possible. In 5 years you'll pay under 10 000 dollars for the car, maintenance, insurance and possibly fuel depending on what type of driver you are. Oh, and if it's a diesel, you could use biodiesel, made by you, 30 cents a gallon. This is known as bangernomics
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Wow! I'd love to know what kind of battery it uses (and how long it takes to charge). Two of the non-aesthetic drawbacks of earlier batcars were their limited range and the fact that charging them gobbled up so much electricity (usually made by burning coal) that they kind of defeated the purpose. According to the specs, it sounds like these problems have been overcome! I'd gladly pay an extra $10 a month on my electric bill if it will shave off $100 from my monthly fuel bill.
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All I want to know is if the battery can work if it snow or rain a lot.

Does the battery freeze from time to time?

Im going to wait for about a year or two and see how it goes... then maybe I will buy one.
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