Scrape those ears clean!

Japan Probe writes: Am I the only person a little grossed-out by a news feature in which a reporter approaches people on the street and asks men to show her their ear wax scrapers? The reporter also visits a store to see the latest in ear cleaning technology, and then shows us some relaxing ear cleaning salons. Nothing beats putting your head on the lap of a yukata-clad young woman as she scraps the gunk out of your ears!

Click Play or go to Link [YouTube].

(Thanks to Japan Probe for this clip.)

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The Japanese are far ahead of us in earwax research and development. Last year, they isolated the gene that makes Asian earwax dry, compared with European or African earwax.

How far behind will the U.S. fall before we have to spend billions of dollars in an Apollo-style crash research program to close the earwax gap? I mean, we were the home of the Human Genome Project! It's another example of Japan taking an American achievement and turning it against us! Blah! Blah! Rant! Rant!
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OK yes some Japanese have more earwax than others, as well as Americans, and other races. Japanese like to keep with their traditional and new technology ways in different aspects of life. The way they clean their ears is traditional, and it is romantic for a man to clean out a woman's ear with an earpick.
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And FYI - Asian people tend to have harder, drier earwax so regular Qtips don't work - which is why they use little scoops. I know it's gross, but when I learned that (I'm Asian but adopted) so many questions I had about earwax were answered.
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What are some of the reasons for earwax? Does it serve the same purpose as mucus in the nose (as a dust and germ filter)?
Furthermore, what's the point of belly-button lint?
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