Grafitti is a Fun Crime.

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LOCAL graffiti in syracuse keeps getting better with the stuff thar RA is putting out and not to mention devo and casm i wish we had more photos like this so syracuse can get a better name for itself
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\I have never thought of billboards & other ads as graffiti but i guess it does the same thing. Advertising is kind of an arms race anyway, so I bet there would be plenty of corporations that wouldn't care much if we banned it all. I don't really think a wikipedia model for painting buildings would work out too well though, since removing vandalism and restoring a wall the way it used to be is too expensive. Also, Imagine how far a corporate ad budget could go in spray cans and markers. People that fall sleep outdoors would probably end up with Coca-Cola written across their forehead. I would say that I would love to see clever graffiti like this all over the billboards in my city.
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that's just awesome...classic. i love it. graffiti is just taking back public space that should be ours but because of capitalism and insane advertising is covered in propaganda/crap advertising all over the place. i'd love to see graffiti all over my city...
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you face is an oxymoron

how does something being illegal make it not art? What about the artists that used camera obscura during the big witch scares? Were they not artists cause they were doing illegal things?
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