Bible Gun by Robert The.

In 1995, Robert The sawed a King James Bible into the shape of a pistol:

I transform books so they can evangelize their own relevance via their direct fusion of word and form. With my book guns, I find old books in dumpsters and thrift store bins and lovingly cut them into revolvers, automatics, and sub-machine guns. Vandalized and self empowered, they can assert themselves against the culture that turned them into debris.

Link | Text From The Center for Book Arts - via Cynical-C

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Bob's been doing this since at least '91, I know. I saw his first piece back then and have a Colt .45 he did shortly after, but it's not from a Bible. He also has made nice little cars from books for kids to play with. Wheels and all. I guess they graduate to guns in middle school.
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Let me see now . . . this thing has a trigger (firing mechanism), a barrel, a stock/grip and it fires projectiles . . . so it is called a "gun" which includes everything from a missile launcher to a BB gun, be it a pistol, revolver or rifle. It could be mounted on an airplane, tank, water vessel or inside your pocket.

The gun banners only focus on "civilian" weapons. But it is perfectly OK for these same gun banners to sanction weapons of mass destruction! Why? They are either stupid or they want your freedom on a silver platter! Beware of both!
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