Modern Geometry on a Medieval Mosaic.

Images: W.B. Denny

Scientists discovered that medieval mosaics in Islamic buildings employed pretty sophisticated geometry not understood in the West until the 1970s: Link

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It is strange to me that in america it has become so accepted to make offensive comments about muslims. Especially considering that the works of Plato and Aristotle would have been distroyed by the Catholic Church a very long time ago if it wasn't for the fact there were backup copies in arabic. I love my arab brothers and sisters, I hope we can accept our differences and learn from one another. Radicals come in all flavors, Allah is all merciful. Praise to the God which is beyond all human knowledge.
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Geometry became very advanced in Muslim countries because Islam forbids the creation of representational images. Some of the most beautiful geometric art in the world is in mosques.
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Um, people knew the Arabs were awesome at geometry a very long time ago. It was part of the basis for their golden age of empire, and it's been referenced in lots of novels that I've personally read. Now, of course, cosines are offensive to allah and infidels who believe in imaginary numbers must die, but back in the day they whipped butt.
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