Adidas Sneakers Polo.

Adidas polo shirt with sneakers all over embroidered. Found at Sold Out.

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ah i didnt mean anything by it, it's a nice enough shirt. it's just their's some similar in a charity shop across the road from my house.
also, maybe i was generalizing calling the stuff on here 'news', but i perfer it as such in place of all that propaganda that's around.
no seriously i've been around these sifted-through-things-possibly-of-interest sites, and this is the one that sivs out the best things in my opinion. whether the blurb is from somewhere else is irrelevant i think
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Alain is secretly Imelda Marcos!
Naw, I'm just kidding. I like the sneakers posts. While I wouldn't wear this shirt on a dare (fat men + polo shirts = horrifying man teats) it's a pretty cool design.
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Sneakers, old sitcoms, magic tricks, documentaries, car chases, old commercials, toys, TV news reports, fashion, books, music videos, gadgets, Saturday morning cartoons, disco lessons, Mister Rogers, Japanorama (stuff from Japan), etc.

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why, Johnson - I'm sure we're not better than BB or Kircher, but I thank you for the kind words all the same. (Is neatorama a "news" site?)

I don't understand some of Alain's posts, but the variety is refreshing. If you watch the blog, you'll see that he posts a lot of sneakers stuff (and old sitcoms). He probably has a large collection of shoes, too.
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