Radical Kashmiri Muslim Group Really Hates Valentine's Day.

If you think you hate Valentine's Day, you've still got nothing on these people. They *really* hate it:

A Muslim women's group in revolt-hit Indian Kashmir group burned greeting cards and beat young couples to stop people celebrating Valentine's Day, witnesses said Tuesday.

The separatist Dukhtaran-e-Millat (Daughters of the Nation) raided restaurants and showered blows on some couples and then burned cards during a rally in the summer capital's center, a witness said.

The group, along with an Islamic association called the Forum Against Social Evils, regularly wage morality campaigns against movies and other emblems of popular Western culture that they deem un-Islamic.

http://www.metimes.com/storyview.php?StoryID=20070214-065304-4719r - via Cynical-C

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Gloria, first of all, thank you for reading Neatorama regularly for a while.

You're right in pointing out that some posts are not as "neat" as others (case in point the hanged elephant). In that case, many readers denounced my posting of the story for lack of neatness. One commenter even suggested that I was sensationalizing cruelty.

I posted that story because it was interesting. The same applies here.

There's nothing in the post that suggested that I endorse hate crimes and violence.
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If it's ok for me to praise entries, I think it's ok for me to show doubt or distaste for something else.

I've been reading Neatorama for a while and simply noticed Alex has a tendency to post certain topics that seem to differ in mood a bit drastically from everyone else's, and from what I've read so far, hasn't offered an explanation behind his choices, which even if I might not agree with, I think is reasonable to ask for. Other posters have their own personality, but the general tone of their posts cohere to the blog's central theme: being neat. I'm just wondering why Alex hasn't adhered to this theme in the same way.

Anyway, I find it amusing that people accusing me of control and outrage when I've only expressed this sentiment once. I found Alex's entry on the hanged elephant worthy of a read, and supported another poster in her selection of a video of a parking lot.

It's kind of disconcerting how aggressive people can be when they come here to enjoy a blog that tends to celebrate the light-hearted and entertaining.

Anyway, since Alex does continue to post, this reasonably indicates that the Neatorama crew do agree with his choices. It'd just be interesting to hear, from him, what he thinks is neat in this story about violence and hate crimes.
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Gloria, I understand your outrage, I suggest you get your money back. Especially since you are _forced_ to come here and read _all the articles_

In other news, self righteousness is rarely a good quality. Especially when you are an angry and frustrated mob beating on people celebrating Love.

Islam is a religion of peace. It's not the religion that scares me, it's the people.
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Seriously, Gloria....you seem to be one bent on controlling someones else's blog and are in no way light or entertaining or engaging, in a way that avoids boiling people's blood. Is there a reason for this?
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