Asterix Latin Phrases.

One of the fun things about The Adventures of Asterix [wiki] comic books is its use of latin phrases. Here's a website that collexts Asterix latin sayings and their translation.

Acta est fabula: It's all over (lit. the drama has been acted out)
Alea jacta est: The die is cast
Audaces fortuna juvat: Fortune favors the bold
Auri sacra fames: The cursed hunger for gold
Aut Caesar, aut nihil: Either Caesar or nothing
Ave atque vale: Hail and farewell
Ave Caesar morituri te salutant!: Hail, Caesar! Those who are about to die salute you! - via growabrain

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Use of "j" is strictly a question of orthography. The Romans themselves did not have a "j" in their alphabet. It was a later invention that was used in some eras to represent "consonantal i," such as the initial i of iacta or iuvat. Modern texts almost universally eschew it.

So "jacta" isn't really "wrong," it's just out of date. Of course, I'm one of those holdfasts who would like to see the "j" preserved. On some days, I'm even tempted to write "quum" in all my books for "cum coniunctivum."
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Yay! Another memory from my childhood! I still have a bunch of Asterix books. There is a theme park in Paris called Park Asterix, it's very fun!

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