The Adventures of Tintin.

The Adventures of Tintin [wiki] is an animated television series based on The Adventures of Tintin, a series of books by Hergé. It debuted in 1991, and 39 half-hour episodes were produced over the course of three seasons.

Click Play or go to Link [YouTube] . Found at VideoSift .

I loved the TinTin comics, they were effin' sweet. I've been trying to find them, but they all seem to be waaaay out of my pricerange.
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OMG!!! This brings back so many memories. When I was little I lived in France and I used to watch this all the time! -sniffle- Where has the time gone?
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I still have the entire Tintin series (as well as almost all the Asterix books in English and French) in my basement. Loved those comics, still read them from time to time.

The cartoon was good, stayed nice and true to the books, but my gripe is that people only knew the cartoon, I meet people who watched that show and didn't even know it was a comic!
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I think one of the coolest thing about the style of Tintin is the fact that the main characters were drawn in such a simple style, while the worlds with which they interacted were drawn in incredible detail.

The simplicity of the characters aided in helping the reader (OK, viewer in the case of the TV show) to associate with the characters. Once that is achieved, the reader could feel a part of the rich world, created not by just the detail of the drawing, but that of the storyline, as well.
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I grew up (in Norway) with a complete set of Tintin, as well as the animated series on television. I highly recommend these for any comic lover as well as Asterix and all the works by french cartoonist Franquin. Pure brilliance :)
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There was a Tintin cartoon sometime prior to the one in the early 1990's, back around the late 60's through early to mid 70's that I remember watching on the lesser three of the 6 New York City area broadcast (broadcast as in "air waves" and rabbit-ear antennas, no cable, no satellite). The big 3 broadcast stations were CBS channel 2, NBC channel 4 and ABC channel 7. The lesser 3 were WNEW channel 5, WOR channel 9, and WPIX channel 11. There was also an educational channel, not PBS, but channel 13.

I watched Tintin and enjoyed it immensely.
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I remember my trip to Brussels in 93 and the Tintin shop was the highlight!!!

I bought a pair of tintin socks and a book for my brother :)
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Wow...what a surprise to see this. I'm an animator based in Canada and have spent years traveling and working. I was in France for 5 weeks animating the opening you have posted here. It really brings back fond memories.
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