Ultraman: Actually, Lots and Lots of Ultramen.

Jeff Sewell wrote the Ultra[man] FAQ, which tells us everything we want to know about Ultraman [wiki]:

What Is Ultraman?

Ultraman is the generic name for a series of Japanese live-action television shows produced between 1966 and 1998. Each series focused on at least one extraterrestrial "Ultra-hero" who arrives on Earth to fight various large monsters. Conveniently, each Ultra-hero can grow to over 200 feet tall. Each Ultra-hero had various energy emission powers, plus were experts in some form of hand-to-hand martial arts-style fighting. Virtually all of them also had one weakness: their energy would run out after a short time fighting. (Strangely enough, when this happened, they tended to "get serious" and use their most energy-draining attack on the monster(s).)

This one above, which I chose because of his awesome, ... er, head gear, is the Ultra Father.

http://home.cfl.rr.com/ultrafaq/Ultraman-FAQ.html - via Meine Kleine Fabrik

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oh my god, i love you neatorama, and how awesome you and your articles about japan are.
Ultra Father is 160000 years old, and he has the beard that only grows on ultraman that are over 40000 years old.
by the way, there is still an ultrama series called ultraman moebius.
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