Secret Photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

From Fogonazos:

The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed about 250.000 people and became the most dreadful slaughter of civilians in modern history. However, for many years there was a curious gap in the photographic records. Although the names of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were incised into our memories, there were few pictures to accompany them. Even today, the image in our minds is a mixture of devastated landscapes and shattered buildings. Shocking images of the ruins, but where were the victims?

The American occupation forces imposed strict censorship on Japan, prohibiting anything "that might, directly or by inference, disturb public tranquility" and used it to prohibit all pictures of the bombed cities. The pictures remained classified 'top secret' for many years. Some of the images have been published later by different means, but it's not usual to see them all together. This is the horror they didn't want us to see, and that we must NEVER forget.

Check out the photos (warning: they're gruesome): Link

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Let's look at this from a whole other angle.

We are evolved from Apes. Apes live in an alpha male society. If you are the alpha, you are aggressive. You take. If you are weak, you are doomed. America currently is the Alpha male of the world. It will not be forever as every empire falls. China and India by there numbers and soon finances will be taking over

WAR is a part of life and has always been a part of life for humans since the beginning of humans. We can imagine world peace but if someone has something you need and you are the alpha male, you take it. WE HAVE NEVER LIVED IN PEACE ON EARTH so first, accept that fact.

With that said, America was at WAR with Japan. You job in war is not die for your country. It is to make the other person die for their country. I don't like that fact, but that is how it is. You will be killed if you don't kill them. Period.

Now, I'd like to thank the person who posted these pics. I'm looking at them on the 60th anniversary. Such a shame that we havn't evolved out of war yet.
I believe humans will but only when every human can eat, get health care, be able to work and provide for their family. We have a ways to go. I'm optimistic but realistic to the fact that we won't reach that point while I'm alive, but I have faith it will be reached, some day. Probably, sadly, after the big atomic war.

As an American, I can't wait until we are the number 3 country of the world and won't have to be the alpha male and get involved in conflicts all over. Then, I believe, America, this beautiful experiment will reach an even better level of greatness that the world will respect and envy for its peaceful quality of life.

God help us humans. We got issues!!

Hurry up China and India, get your poop together!!
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He did the world a great survice. and if i was in japane when this happend, and was far enough away to be healthy.. i would still go there.. take pictures of it, KNOWING it would be my death no matter how many years later.. Thank you for these pictures.
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So I take it that you're for preemptive action on Iran, then? 'Cause, sister, believe me, when they get it, they're not going to let it sit and collect dust.
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