Rich Legg's Photography of Light Bulb Burning Out.

Rich Legg took this fantastic photo of a light bulb burning out:

What you are seeing is a capture of a lightbulb in the process of burning out. To create the shot, my friend Harley and I removed the glass enclosure of a standard household lightbulb (while leaving the innards intact) and powered it up in a pitch black room. The result was an immediate burn-out, which we were all too ready to photograph.

Link - via reddit and digg

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What a bunch of jerks. Your opinion is neither required or requested. I suppose Ansel Adams "Yellow Stone" are just another group of rocks and water falls but don't really don't capture your attention because there are so many other waterfalls and parks that you've seen. Why don't you put up or shut up?
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This is a great shot. I don't know why the above people are hating on your picture.

I was confused what the picture was at first until I saw the first line under it. Google pulled it up on a light bulb search (top 20). But it is neat. Great shot. So that is how all the black ends up on the inside of my bulb. Cool.
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This is actually a quite beautiful photo. my only critique is that it will never get noticed as it's just another beauty for the sake of beauty photo. Even though it is well done, it lacks the attention holding aspect and eventually it leads people to comment like the guys before. Again, good photo but it's too safe of a photo to stand out.
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Ok. I got a question. I'm interested in these kind of photos but i'm not professional. I just bought a Canon Eos 450d camera and wanna try to take a photo like this. Can u pls tell me the details like speed, distance and timing for this nice scene? and is it posibble with the standart lens of 450d which is ef-s 1:3.5-5.6 IS - 18-55. Thanks
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