Scientists Mapped the Altruism Center of the Brain.

Scientists from the Duke University Medical Center claimed that they have found the "altruism" center of the brain:

Scientists say they have found the part of the brain that predicts whether a person will be selfish or an altruist.

Altruism - the tendency to help others without obvious benefit to oneself - appears to be linked to an area called the posterior superior temporal sulcus.

Using brain scans, the US investigators found this region related to a person's real-life unselfish behaviour.

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Right, and for the "truth" behind psychiatry, we should really all turn to Scientology, as suggested by Matt?! I highly doubt we'd be any more enlightened.
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Agreed. This is so full of crap I can smell it. Another sensationalist claim to get people confused about neuroscience. That's not really how the brain works. Check out Fundamental Neuroscience by Squire et al. for a real rundown of the brain.
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