VideoSift's Top 100 Videos of 2006.

This is one of the neatest things on VideoSift: Top 100 Web Videos of 2006. Some, nay, make that *all* of the web's most awesome video clips can be found on this list!

Showreel Videoprojection

Showreel Videoprojection, a collaboration between and, is a fantastic new way of using architectural details as a backdrop of video art.

The clip is gorgeous and it's no wonder that it's on VideoSift's Top 100 Videos of 2006:

Roller Pigeons

Ever seen a roller pigeon do summersaults while flying? Well, now you can:

Apparently, it's a technique they developed to evade attacks by peregrines. Or maybe they're just spastic!

One Week's Worth of Art

In 2005, Japanese art group Rinpa Eshidan filmed themselves painting one week's worth of art - painting and erasing the same canvas over and over again.

The time-lapse clip is fantastic - if you haven't seen it before, you're missing out:

Time Lapse Video of Driving Across America

Besides the Rinpa Eshidan art video, a couple of clever time-lapse videos made the list, like a time lapse of the South Pole and transformation of model's face for an ad campaign.

Those are good, but I find this one made while driving across America hypnotically fantastic!

Floating Dog

What's that behind the pilots of this airplane? Why, a floating wiener dog, actually:

How did this happen? Apparently, the dog took a ride on a vomit comet [wiki]

Truth in Advertising

What if everyone in corporate-dom started telling the honest truth? [NSFW language]

The clip was directed by Tim Hamilton and nominated for the 2001 Golden Palm at Cannes Film Festival.

 I haven't told you the Number 1 Video of 2006 according to VideoSift yet, for that, you've got to go there yourself (it's an excellent choice, btw):

For more new web videos, you can't go wrong at VideoSift.

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Roller pigeons aren't spastic or adapted to do somersaults. My understanding is that they've been selectively bred for their ability to have seizures midflight when startled and let loose at a certain angle. Pretty sick.
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