The Magic Trick.

Montreal artist Socalled performs Tony Slydini's torn-and-restored-newspaper-magic-trick. Slydini [wiki] was a world renowned magician . Click play or go to Link [YouTube] .

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David Blaine is just as funny and talented as John Edwards.

The most important thing in 'magic' is the showmanship and the entertainment. Of course, the page are not all torn, the lady doesn't really get cut in half and another lady did not really disapear. Sheesh.
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that trick sucked! you saw the 2 identical pieces folded to look like 2 halves of one piece. he only tore one of the halves and folded the other, then at the end he palmed the torn pieces and unfolded the sheet that was never torn. Sucked!!! David Blaine for life guy.
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i saw him do this live a few years ago and was impressed as hell...remember, he is also a talented musician, cartoonist, photographer, archivist and nice guy.
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I love magic and that trick in particular. I did tricks as a kid and had a blast mail-ordering tricks from magic catalogs when I was about 11 and had no idea what I was doing. Postage and handling? What's that? I bet a lot of my orders ended up in the Dead Letter Office.
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