Cambodian Jungle Girl.

Today'sCellar / Neatorama Image of the Week is the amazing story of Rochom P'ngieng, a Cambodian girl who disappeared at the age of eight and re-appeared now, twenty years later, after living all that time in the deep Cambodian jungle.

Rochom's story remains a mystery, as she can't talk (she can only grunt and pat her stomach when she's hungry). However, proving that karaoke is something more primal than anything else in the world, the "jungle girl" took an instant liking to the family's collection of karaoke videos!

Lots more photos at: MSN-Mainichi Daily News - Be sure to visit Cellar Image of the Day for more amazing photos!

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Listen mam, this story is not a new one. We have red this story some 2-3 years back in news papers in our country (Bangladesh) and some follow ups also. I have also read this story at a Saudi Arabian news paper and some web sites. The story is true (as we think that it is posible). In people of countries like ours and others of asia are some times very poor in some places. The things those are imposible in countrys like europe or america are posible round here. Any thing is posible round here. About the langeage probleme, it is very much posible that even a person age-ing 12-15 can forgate his/her own language if he could not practice it for a long time. I my myself is
a proof of this kind.
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What I dont get is how in the hell did she get lost in the first place? and why didnt her family go looking for her? i mean 19 years wtf thats half of her life living in the jungle i would be fuckin scared out of my mind and would even worst hate my family for not even caring then all of a sudden shes gonna just pop out of no where after 19 years like hi yall i was on a vacation and i forgot how to speak how do they even know what she was to look like now after being gone so long if i was her id stay there after all her only real family was the birds and the bee's this doesnt make sense at all to me can u tell im pissed? lol
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this girl is so amazing that she can live in the jungle by her self with all the wild animals....i wouldn't believe this unitl i read the article....her parents must be devestated......i'm happy that they found her....i'm also a Cambodian gril and hope that one day she'll learn 2 talk our language.....KHMER PRIDE
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Is this a hoax? Back in the late 80s, there was another story very much like this one, where Vietnamese villagers set up an ambush for whoever or whatever had apparently been sneaking into villages in the area at night and stealing chickens, one at a time, for months. To their surprise, the villagers captured a disheveled nude teenage girl with poorly-cut hair who was only about four-and-a-half feet tall and very skinny. When they finally got government officials involved, the villagers had been holding the naked girl all tied up and gagged all the time for over two weeks because, they said, she thrashed about wildly and was dangerous, and the only sounds she made were unintelligible shrieks that disturbed the village children.

This girl was also Cambodian, and had to be coaxed back into using language because she had lived in the surrounding jungle for over ten years and lost her vocabulary, forgetting what words meant. The officials got enough of her story to know that she had escaped a Khmer Rouge execution squad who had killed her family when she had been about five years old, and she had apparently hidden from all human contact in the jungle since then. That made her about sixteen years old when she was captured. This girl also insisted on constantly taking off all the clothes she had been given, and eventually vanished, probably back into the jungle. This story sounds eerily like the Rochom case, except that no one knew who this girl was or claimed she was their daughter.
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