Slumber Party goes wrong

What was she hoping to get out of it? Sweet mug shot by the way.

JANUARY 18--Meet Sherry Herzner. The Kentucky woman, 31, is facing criminal charges for allegedly arranging an alcohol-soaked slumber party for her 15-year-old daughter and six of the girl's friends. According to police, underage attendees were told to bring $5 to the party, which occurred last Friday at Herzner's Newport home. According to a police report, a copy of which you can find here, Herzner used the money to purchase vodka, which she served to her minor guests.

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I've given alcohol to my daughter when she was 15. I don't really get what the problem is here. You have a choice... the kid will drink in small amounts once in a while at home with you around, or she will drink in large amounts somewhere else with some older guys she thinks are cool because they have done jail time. (Notice how objectively i phrased those two choices)
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Don't get me wrong Eric .. I was drinking with 15. One year before I was legally allowed to drink beer (I grew up in Germany). The whole thing that you are not allowed to drink until you are 21 in the US, drives me nuts. And that they card you when you look younger than 30 is just insane.
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Who cares? This has to happen all the time, the only difference being that the people monitor the kids and keep them and themselves out of trouble.

Kids *will* drink, is it better to keep it at home or let them run around on their own and do it?

Though it is hilarious that she got busted. What an idiot.
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"Slumber Party goes wrong"

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