Black Cat Whiskey Ad.

This is a funny ad for Black Cat Whiskey from Thailand. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via ETTF.NET

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Thanks for the info Liberal Avenger - I read with rapt attention. Coolio.

I'm a big fan of another "black" whiskey - but mine can't even afford the "e"....I drink Black Velvet, a verrry affordable Canadian whisky.
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The "misunderstanding" in the ad has to do with the cost of Johnny Walker Black Label which is relatively very expensive there. I think that a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label is appx. 500 baht - so almost 4 times as expensive as Black Cat.

The stuff doesn't taste like piss, but it really doesn't taste like whiskey, either. It is quite sweet and almost exclusively consumed with soda water or Coke/Pepsi.

A night out drinking with the guys in Thailand usually involves buying a bottle of some sort of (usually Thai) whiskey at a bar or restaurant. They wheel a little cart over to the table upon which the whiskey, a bucket of ice and several bottles of soda water and cola are placed. In addition to the waiter or waitress there is often a drink attendant whose job it is to monitor the fullness of everyone's glasses and to refill them constantly.

The ratio of liquor to mixer in Thailand is very tiny. This works out quite well for an all-night drinking party. They usually use the whiskey bottle cap to measure the shot - perhaps one-fifth of a normal American sized shot. As a result, you are drinking alot of soda water (or cola) and just the tiniest bit of liquor. You might drink 20 such drinks over the course of the night - ultimately having as much alcohol as 4 or 5 strong cocktails in the west.

Finally, some of the best Thai food is a class of food designed to accompany a bout of drinking. Appropriate dishes are often spicy/sour salads with meat or cooked seafood.
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