David Greg Harth's Performance Art: Free Burger!

For his performance art, David Greg Harth stands outside of a McDonald's restaurant in New York City for 2 1/2 hours. With a budget of $600, he treated random customers to their meals, until the manager called in the cops (it's kind of long, so skip to around minute 11)! See what happened: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] | David's website - via IZ Reloaded

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We can now see McDonald's as the dumbest corporation ever. They make money out of David Greg Harth, but then refuse it later in the video. Can you be more stupid than that??? People running this company are even more thrashier, lameful and worthless than the food they sell. He just wanted to make people happy.

See now which people have their heart in the right place.

I never went back at McDonald's since 4 years, after seeing Supersize Me. Now they gave me another rock-solid reason to never put a foot in the place.

Also, is there something wrong about the guy giving the well-intended speech at the end? "Never ask anything from your fellow men!" Why the hell did he asked for 20$ to permit David to use him in the video???
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Sure they do, albiet briefly. But better to give a moment's kindness than to ignore everybody and give nothing. I love the fact that he gave the remaining money to Ronald McDonald House...burn!
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Kinda dumb. "I just want to make people happy."?

Teach them to make something. Charity never makes people happy. They might laugh at the fool, but they don't get happy getting charity.
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I would love to see someone stand outside of I. Magnin, doing the same performance, offering to buy a meal at the I. Magnin restaurant. THAT would be interesting.

This piece was original, and touching at times.
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