Brain Scanning Machine.

Photo: CTF Systems Inc.

This weird contraption is a Magnetoencephalography (MEG) scanner. It scans ... your brain!

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) scanners work by measuring the magnetic field produced by the brain. While MEG scans don't do a good job of deciphering the geography of the brain, they can easily detect instantaneous changes in brain activity, allowing scientists to track changes that happen in milliseconds.

Found at Wired

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"Next I'm going to ram my ovipositor down your throat and lay my eggs in your chest! But I'm not an alien!"
Tom Servo, as Exeter, MST3K: This Island Earth
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My comment: "Presenting...DEVO!"

Hubby's comment: "Here we see Exeter, relaxing after a long day at the lab..."

My four-year-old son's comment: "Maybe he has a croupy cough..."

(C'mon, he's four, whaddya expect?)

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