Constructing a Wind Farm

Dark Roasted Blend has some great pictures of wind farms ranging from construction, to shots of wind farms in use (like the one above), to large scale failure of the blades. Until seeing these shots, I never realized the massiveness of wind turbines - some of the blades are each more than 200 feet in length!

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you all suck but......wind turbines shoud be used in england as we are lacking them and we need to get them as we are making globa warming worse by a lot just from this small island we couse a lot of pollution but i blaim the farmers as most dont alow them to build on there land and this is an outrage!!!
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These things are truly enormous. There are a number of wind farms in operation and being built within a few hours' drive of where I live; seeing them from a distance just doesn't do them justice.

Not too long ago I passed a truck on the highway carrying a single blade on its way to a construction site; 200 feet doesn't sound like much, but when you see it rolling down the highway it gives you a new appreciation for these things.
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"Constructing a Wind Farm"

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