Mundane LifeFocus Cards.

Do your New Year's resolutions include organizing your life and making some new (good) habits? Or do you just want to record some mundane details of your daily life? Does checking things off a list
make you happy?

Then this may be for you: a tongue-in-cheek (but darned serious) idea by Jason Theodor that he posted on his blog There is No Box:

Cards are printed in accordion batches of 7, so that an entire week can be folded and placed in a wallet or Moleskine™. In my time-off during the X-mas season I wrote down a few things I wanted to habitualize. They fell into three basic categories: hygene, health, and fitness. I am no longer in my twenties, so I need to take care of myself better. This should give me more energy to create wonderful objects. Amount of sleep is recorded as well.


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Haha. As the creator of this card and the recipient of "The Odor" comments, I have to say one benefit is that you will not forget my name very easily! Most people don't notice it, but kudos to Sereena X for rubbing salt in an old wound ;-).

I have added an explanation for the card, and some downloadable PDFs released under the Creative Commons license on my site. Check it out and use them if you feel so inclined.
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I recall another from a few years ago: It was supposed to be "Investors Exchange," but I read it as "Investor Sex Change." And there's a little shop in my hometown called Artscraps, which always looks like "Arts Craps" to me.
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There used to be a website called (just get rid of the capital letter and you'll see...) as a celebrated example of this. The website's no longer there ...
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The most unfortunate thing on that card is the domain name Maybe not as bad as ("Pleased to meet you, Ma'am. The name's Kid. Kid the Rapist"), but still bad.
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