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Frozen Waterfall

A waterfall at the foot of Flame Mountain with a 20 meters drop which has frozen over. It is located in Turufan, XinJiang province, China. [in Chinese]

this is not china. this is turkestan. china has illegally occupied turkestan just as it has occupied tibet.

stop affirming china's aggressive territorial expansionist policy.
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@ Onkar Joshi, Turkestan (the two attempts at it) existed for about six years during the 20th century, so your assertions of China's illegal occupation of XinJiang is dubious at best. Tibet, on the other hand, is a separate debate.
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"stop affirming china’s aggressive territorial expansionist policy."

It's actually a common practice by westerners to use photographs of unique natural phenomena like the one above and subtly insert imperial propaganda


Nice pic
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Actually the two guys on the bridge are the ones who had taken over the turkestan area, I think they flew in by mount in beta.
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What is that you were saying about subtle messages inserted into phrases?

Anyway, what we are witnessing here is the waterfall's solitary resistance to the Chinese presence. Which is much better than the Palestinian waterfalls, which murder Israeli waterfalls.
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Nice pic!!

Hey, dud, what I know is the UN and other country respect that part is belonged to china except anywhere else. If you belive history, why don't you just claim that the whole univers are yours. since million years ago, only your ancestors were owning the world. and us should belong to Indian as well.

But what we have is NOW.
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I heard that Niagra falls has done this at least once. Could you imagine how cold it must feel when moving waterfalls freeze? I heard that the time or times when Niagra froze people walked out on the falls.
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Nice pic.
@why this is required : UN don't rule the world, you know. Giving credit to dictatures because they're giant ones and have a lot of economic power isn't what I would call courage.
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You know, there's a collective name for the parts of China which are ruled over by a totalitarian government against which the population has no recourse: that name is "China". Trying to sort out which individual territories have it worse than each other is kind of missing the forest for the trees.
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I visited Turufan and the Flaming Mountains in summer last year and it was incredibly hot - amazing extremes in temperature from that to this icy cold. These mountains are famous as the literal hills of fire that Monkey put out with a magic fan in 'Journey to the West' (the stories about the Monkey King that the TV shows Monkey and Saiyuki, and games/shows like Dragon Ball etc are based on). See for some pics I took there.
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