How to Tell if Your Neighbor is a Clandestine Drug Lab.

The Abbotsford Police Department has a public service page on its website titled "How to Spot Grow Operations and Clandestine Drug Labs".

Here's how to tell if your neighbor is a "farmer":

- Rental Accommodations: Almost all marijuana growers will utilize rental property, residence & commercial to avoid damage to their own properties. E.g. high humidity levels & alterations to accommodate the grow.

- Discarded Equipment: Sometimes growers leave equipment lying around the yard such as nutrient containers, pots, wiring, soil, root balls, aluminum shrouds and PVC piping. On garbage day, a grow-op residence most likely will not put out any garbage due to the fact that grow houses are commonly used for the sole purpose of growing marijuana.

Here's how to tell if your neighbor is a meth cook:

- Windows blackened out or curtains always drawn.

- Unfriendly tenants appear secretive about their activities. Tenants display paranoid or odd behaviour; watch cars suspiciously when passing by their residence.

- Coming outside to smoke cigarettes.

- Chemical odor coming from the house, apartment, garage or detached building.

Link | Or, simply surf over to the DEA website and see if you live next door to one!

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I live in a block of 2 units and my neighbour goes out of his way to make me leave,and the curtains in his unit are never open,and today i had reason to check the power box to the units as my hot water was cold and when i looked at the metters mine were going realy slow and my neighbours was racing which is strange because he was not home and his hot water metter was turning faster then the power metter that was also rotating realy fast,is that realy strange it is to me.
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This is a very timely link for me - over the holidays two different sets of relatives told me how houses a few doors away from them turned out to be grow houses...and they were the ones who figured it out. Like the freaking Bloodhound Gang! It made me rethink the whole idea of "neighborhood watch," which used to creep me out a lot (maybe because I was such a bad kid, lol).
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It may seem kinda funny that an agency lists this info, but we live next to a house that looks like it's heading toward this. We debate when/how to contact authorities, and it's really helpful to have a list of things to look for/report.
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