Guide Horse for the Blind.

The Guide Horse Foundation trains miniature horses to serve as guide horses for the blinds blind people! Link - Thanks Tiffany!

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Hello to all. I am a man that is 35 and legally blind. I have a rare genetic immune diffiency. I went to the M*yo clinic, I had recieved an overdose of "anti-bodies" (bubble boy.. not SNL's version.. John T's version). It started a reaction 4 days later. "chronic aseptic meningitis syndrome" it was a side effect that went on with every dose (have to have it to live). It took a lot away. My teaching (special schools system 10 yrs, but went back to become a teacher to cut the red tape and get at risk students the help they need), my newly owned home, my car, my coping skills (running, lifting weights ect.),my support group (I live in the country),new disease process like "stiffman syndrome". Which is horible body contractures that has pulled on me so hard that I have lost discs in my back, developed scholiosis...just 3 months, dislocate joints regularly esp.. my shoulder and fingers, and requires medication when caught on time. I have lost production of several hormones, pre cancer in multiple areas, and LEGALLY BLIND (cortical blindness from the meningitis atacking the brain and stem). There is so much more.I just lost my dog of 16years.I had no idea how much he has done for me, adapting with each disability. With his loss I am lost.I end up crawling sometimes when I fall hard. It is like I was 27 and just lost my sight all over again.I really need a service animal, which I was advised to do a long time agao. I see the 'helper monkeies" and thier benifits. I also see the mini horses and what they can do.vestibular pressure (blood cuff type)helps, like laying on my legs.Some animal capable of pushing the E.R. button when I am too contorted.I tried getting in touch with and got no where.Mail doesnt go through.I have worked with horses and my students,but not the "28 inches or smaller" type.Any help? I am stuck. I have an uncle thats a vet (we went on farms too) but not the training or horse that fits criterea. Thanks. Andrew.
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I really loved how horses can be used in guideing people and how they can live in the peoples homes because I've always thought that horses lived in the barns, but after waching Animal Miricles and seeing cuddles and how she worked as a guide horse I thought that, that was preety neet, because some people want horses but can't have them because there way to BIG, and I wish that I could have a miniture horse like Cuddles.
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I came across your website and am desperately hoping you can help me.

I am a UK (London) journalist and doing a story on deadline about guide ponies however I desperately need to speak to someone who uses a guide pony for the blind.

Can you please help me?

Do you know anyone and can you help me educate the UK?

MY CELL PHONE + 44 7747825884


Alley Einstein
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