Workplace Scrooges.

Think your boss is cheap? Slate Magazine asked its readers to submit reports of horrible office Christmas parties, gifts, and bonuses. Of nearly 200 submissions, they’ve chosen quite a few tales for The Corporate Scrooge Contest Results. From the story:
A contract consultant sends word that the company to which he is currently assigned recently sent out an e-mail to some 2,000-odd consultants. The company would give away two $100 gift cards—to two of the brave souls who would commit to work 80 hours between Dec. 18 and Dec. 31. As our correspondent noted: "Hey, if you work Christmas, we'll put you in a pool of 2,000 other folks to maybe win a hundred bucks."


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Oh, so other people have cheap employers who still do things for Christmas? Lucky you.

I work for a major retailer. Normally, through the year, each salesperson can add to their paycheck with select incentive items. It's a great way to bring in extra money.

During Christmas however, this retailer started doing what is called "incentive pooling". Starting from the last week in November, and going through the final week of December, instead of the incentive items being added to the paycheck of the person who sold them, they are added to a "pool". At the end, the amount in the incentive pool will be divided up among all of the employees, based on the average number of hours worked each week.

It gets better. Many of the other employees had their hours cut at this retailer, starting the week this program began. I used to get 40 hours a week, myself. As soon as this program started, I was knocked down to 32 hours a week.

Hey, at least it's extra money coming in for the holidays, right? Wrong! The extra amounts are added to the first paycheck of the new year!

Gee, thanks, Mr. Employer for cutting my hours and giving less money AND less incentives through the holidays. Due to this stunt, I've had to tell the rest of my family that not only can I not join them for Christmas, but that I will be going Christmas shopping for them early in January!
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How'd you like to finish the year netting your company $12 million and your boss rewards you with a $9.00 Mr. Coffee machine?
Happened to yours truly in 1988.
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I work for an ebenezer :( It's so depressing opening your gift box full of travel items from the local CVS pharmacy, when your friend got a $21,000 bonus (i'm not kidding!) from his workplace.

The design firm I work for is very profitable as well and we mostly work 60+ hr work weeks (salary w/no overtime). That bonus at the end of the year is supposed to make it all worth it. Not make you feel worthless.
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