Real or ILM?

Those artists at Industrial Light and Magic sure can make us wonder whether is a scene in a movie is real or fake. Go to their website and take the little quiz to see if what your eyes are telling you is or isn't true: [flash] - via Blog de Cine

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From now and forth I must keep an eye in the dates of the news. I'll think twice before posting about a 2000 year old analog computer because it's old... About a cat on lsd because it offences your kiddy eyes... About myths and rumours because you do belive the truth is out there...

I remember someone got amused too because I posted an image of a Super Mario Nutcraker.

I wonder if... well... Could you just watch the Neatorama items because they're interesting and piss off reading the BBC news rss?
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"437 subscriptions" from my feed reader ^g^

Soo... Why didn't you post that same comment when I echoed some news from the last summer with that $30,000 pez candy dispenser? :(
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lol @ TwoDragons

I'll voice my opinion when I feel it's relevant, thank you very much :). I keep an eye on a handful of entertaining blogs and feeds every night before bed, and usually Neatorama delivers stuff that isn't old (or at least stuff that just popped up the same day on a number of places).

So yeah, I'll critique occasionally when someone is posting reruns from last week! Thanks for your waste of time TwoDragons, get bent ;)

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"Real or ILM?"

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