The "Lebanese Loop" Scam: ATM Card Theft

This is circulating via email (although the technique itself is quite old):

Thieves rig an ATM machine by placing a "trap" into the card slot. When an unsuspecting victim inserts his card, the machine appears to "eat" the card. The thief, acting as a good Samaritan, tries to help and in doing so, asks the victim for his PIN.

After the victim leaves, the thief simply pulls out the "eaten" card and now has possessions of both the card and the PIN.


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WOW, this is so old news, this scam used to happen in Brazil 15 years ago...
now we have cameras on ATM and people were warned about the scam too.
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"Let me help you, what's your pin number?"
"I ain't givin' my pin number to a stranger!"
"Oh, come on, I'm just an innocent bystander casually trying to help."
"Ok, then, but there's better be nothing more to it, allright?"
"Sure, liar liar, pants on fire."
"Ok, my pin is BOSCO"
"That's not even a number. Why's my pants smokin?"
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