The ten most dangerous playthings of all time.

Remember the Snacktime Cabbage Patch Dolls that would eat children’s fingers along with the supplied food? They made this list, along with the atomic energy lab shown, and eight other toys you should never have in your toy box. Link -via Cynical-C

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the toys Iplayed with in the sixties were`nt really dangerous ,it`s just that kids have gotten dumber by being protected from every imaginable threat ! I had an air blaster pistol from whamo and would have to say it was one of the most fun toys I had !never got hurt , never hurt anyone !also had a creepy crawler set !can say the same thing about it ! I really feel sorry for kids in this time of over protection and pc bull c**p !
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yikes! i was just reading about that poisoned russian spy in the economist. know what did it? "alpha source in handy container," as offered by the atomic playkit.
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Sky Dancers taken off the market?! Then why are the shelves at the W-M I work at crammed with the things? I kid you not, they're about as popular as Bratz dolls. (Now THERE is something that needs to be taken off the market...ugh...)

I guess they redesigned them or something. But they're still being sold, trust me!

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I loved Sky Dancers. I only ever had a mini one, but it made me pretty damn happy.

And creepy crawlers. My brother had one, but I couldn't play with it because it was for 'Ages 8 and up', while I was not yet eight. I later bought it from him for $10 and made awesome stuff with the eraser goop.

I still have a set of lawn darts somewhere.
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