Archive for December 15th, 2006

Celebrity Mii.

Brandon Erickson drew caricatures of Michael Jackson, Jack Nicholson, and Jack Black (as well as other celebrities) using Wii's Mii feature. Link - via The Revolution Lifestyle...

The ten most dangerous playthings of all time.

Remember the Snacktime Cabbage Patch Dolls that would eat children’s fingers along with the supplied food? They made this list, along with the atomic energy lab shown, and eight other toys you should never have...

A Very "Brief" Secret History of Underwear.

1323 BCE: Egypt's King Tut is entombed alongside a wealth of jewelry, furniture, lamps, jars - and 145 loincloths. He's also entombed with over 400 statues of servants meant to clean said undies, just in...


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