Intellicot: a Smarter Baby Cage.

With Intellicot, who needs a babysitter anymore?

The Intellicot Cot from Cencio truly breaks the mould. Featuring unique, practical features and striking modern design, no longer is a cot simply a wooden cage with a mattress.

*Develop a regular sleeping pattern with automatic rocking
*Help keep your child cool in summer with air circulation
*Reduce parents bending and back strain with the built in lifting system
*Keep an eye on your child from anywhere in your house with the integrated video monitor

Link - via OhGizmo!

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Just because it makes it easier for parents doesn't mean it's meant for bad and lazy parents. Even good parents need a helping hand. Every little bit matters when it comes to ensuring the safety and comfort of a very young child. I'd rather be overanxious than not anxious enough.
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You have to think back. When the Walkman came out, a LOT of people said "What do we need that for? That's ridiculous!" And people made fun of Walkman users. Now, EVERYBODY has one.

Same thing for cell phones, although that wasn't as bad as for the Walkman.

I'm never having kids, and I really don't care, but something that makes it easier for parents?? Why not? Just going by what I've seen, most people just shove their kid in the crib anyway. This could just make it a little nicer for the kid.
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I think it's really overkill designed for over-anxious (and well-heeled) first-time parents. I'm all for the built-in lifting system but doing away with the "bars" of a traditional crib (or cot, I suppose, since this product is from the UK I believe) removes the handholds kids tend to use when they're first practicing standing up. Actually, I'm suprised they don't have a built-in exercise system (along with a sound system to play educational tapes.)
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Point taken, Moon...but really, when do we draw the line? Technology has done wonderful things, but a little diligent parenting and awareness goes a long way as well. Unfortunately, a lot of modern-day parents have become too reliant on devices to do their parenting for them, to the detriment of actual family interaction. But perhaps I *was* overreacting a little...

And I keep my tube radio in the outhouse, next to the horse-drawn cart... ;-)

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So, Denita, do you still use a big, clunky tube radio? Because that was good enough for 100 years. Things improve and most of the time, that's a good thing.

At least the kid won't get his head stuck between the posts of a crib.

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