Are Natural Disasters Becoming More and More Common?

Since the 60s, there has been a large increase in the number of reported natural disasters. Does this mean that the world is becoming more dangerous or are people reporting more things?

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More people living in places that are dangerous, as well as a more global and comprehensive tracking network (especially for earthquakes) and climate change and other factors such as top soil erosion and deforestation (in the case of floods).
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And more people living in more stupid places, building things where they don't belong anyway.....

So what once were natural areas with natural incidents become "disaster" areas.
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good points I feel with more sensative instruments and more sensative scientists sadly emerging this may just be another bit of a scare

theres always been natural disasters, it fluctuates, we had the boxing day tsunami lets hope now we are going to sail clear for a few more years =]
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I agree this data could vary well be confounded by current detection abilities being better than past ones, however there is also the possibility that disasters are on a slight rise with the advent of global warming and more and more naturally at risk areas becoming populated.
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That's what I thought too. The world has had problems and disasters, but with modern communications, we know more and we know it sooner.
Notice you have "reported" disasters. With the plague of media nowadays, of course there's more reported everything. I mean how much crap do I really care to know about Tom Cruise or Paris Hilton?
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