The End of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Galaxies collide, it's the way of the universe. In about 3 billion years, our Milky Way galaxy will cross path and collide with the Andromeda galaxy (which is much bigger).

This simulation shows what's in store for our poor Milky Way galaxy. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks Sherzod Agzamov!

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"Destroyed" is a little sensationalist. Actual collisions between individual stars will be very few in number. The two galaxies will merge to form a new one, but neither will be "destroyed". As for gods, I don't think that the laws of physics will be suspended for our little galaxy, when galactic mergers are happening all over the universe. Hopefully, we'll have evolved beyond the need for gods by then anyway.
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Who cares?

by that time for sure you won't have ever existed (maybe I'm wrong with the verb time so I'll type in spanish "para entonces nunca habrás existido").
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"The End of the Milky Way Galaxy."

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