Donkey's Milk.

Before dairy farms became popular, donkeys were used to provide milk for babies whose mothers couldn't nurse them:

Doctor Parrot, who ran the nursery at the Hôpital des Enfants Assistés, describes in detail how it was done (from the Bulletin de l’Académie de médecine, 1882) : “The stables where the donkeys are kept are clean, healthy and well-aired; they open onto the nursing infants’ dormitory. Treated gently, the donkey easily lets itself be suckled by the baby presented to it. Its teat is well adapted to the baby’s mouth for latching on and sucking. The nurse sets on a stool to the right of the animal near its hindquarters. She supports the child’s head with her left hand , with his body resting on her lap. With her right hand she presses the udder from time to time to help the milk to flow, especially if the baby is weak. The babies are nursed five times during the day and twice during the night. One donkey can feed 3 infants for 5 months.”

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Working w/ children in the medical field for over 20 years has convinced me to think "outside-the-box".

A high percentage of children who are allergic to casin (milk protein) of cow's milk, are also allergic to soy products such as milk or formulas. Conversely, we have been finding evidence (from studies and private practice cases) of success (w/ improved tolerance to no adverse reactions) to goat's milk and in one case, reindeer milk (due to where the child lived and readiness of availability). These alternatives to cow and soy milk were proven to help these children get the nutrition they needed to improve their health.

So, to the rest of you who may frown at the idea of donkey's milk, don't...for you never know where a positive direction may come from, and where it might lead.
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You guys need to get educated! I own 9 donkeys and I love drinking warm sweet donkey's milk.Donkeys are wonderful animals.Their milk makes kids thrive!I always milk my donkeys when I'm raising a foal.I am a consultant on donkey milk production.I have French friends who produce donkey milk 12 miles west of Toulouse.I am educating all of my donkey breeding friends in the United States as to the virtues of donkey's milk.
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i'm not trying to change anyone's views, just presenting some things that don't get talked about very much- especially since the institution has a pretty tight hold on our eating habits

but if i did want to change anyone's views
it is for their sake- their health and the sustainability of our environment
and for the sake of decreasing suffering- is that SO wrong?
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ok im not going to say anything negative about splinters comment

my roomates are both vegan as i once was.

but keep it to your self i respect everyone and the life choices as long as they dont try to change my views
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Dog milk is great - makes good cheese too. You might also try pig cheese, or better HUMAN cheese!

As for donkeys, I've had a great "Polenta con ragu' d'asino"!
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