Cool way to save a whale

Buy one on eBay:

An animal welfare group is enlisting the help of eBay to protect endangered fin whales hunted by Icelandic ships.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) will auction "rights" to a whale's life on the online site.

WSPA wants to raise $180,000 (£95,000), the value of meat from a fin whale; it then aims to pay this sum to hunters, and ask them to let one whale go.

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Tim,that's actually why I wondered about the tagging idea,because without a way to identify a specific whale as private property, the money is just going down the drain. Now whether privatizing sea mammals is even legal is a question for the lawyers.
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The whale boats are pretty high tech, so they could pick up an electronic signal, the kind the marine biologists use for tracking specific whales. I'm not saying it's a workable idea. Just wondering...
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It is just another money making scam by the animal rights cult members.

I think for every stunt they do like this that we should go kill 10 to put a stop to stuff like this.

Look at all the dead sting rays for example. Get people fired up, and they will get revenge.
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The article says it's just for "consciousness raising," but I wonder if you couldn't confirm the sale by choosing and tagging a specific whale with a GPS and signalling device and then suing anyone who kills it.
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