Archive for November 4th, 2006

The Tree of Life

Seems that it's completely human made. It's shown at Disney World and features a lot of animal figures and feels really like carved on natural wood. Link...

Mutants Of The New Human Order

A list of the badasses of the series Mutants Of The New Human Order. Some of them are really terrible creatures such as the one called Bara-Bambara, a loveable mutant rose plant.

Diabolical Laughter!

It's the Finnish Mad Scientists' Laughter competition via Improbable Research...

Cool way to save a whale

Buy one on eBay: An animal welfare group is enlisting the help of eBay to protect endangered fin whales hunted by Icelandic ships. The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) will auction "rights" to...

Stone Clock.

The clock is made up of twelve rare stones whose natural pattern formation intriguingly resembles the numbers from 1 to 12. It was recently on display at the 4th Liuzhou International Rare Stone Festival, Guangxi Zhuan...


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