The Granddaddy of Vampire Movies

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To really get a taste of vampire history, watch Nosferatu, the 1922 silent film starring Max Shreck. Originally released as Nosferatu, Eine Symphonie Des Grauens, this adaption of the Dracula story is a masterpiece of horror and still causes dread, chills, and nightmares. Watch the entire one hour, 24 minute movie, or download it at the Internet Archive. See it with the lights out for maximum effect.

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If you're in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, you can see this movie in a beautifully restored 1920's era movie palace with live orchestral accompaniment this Friday, October 27.

The Michigan Theater shows Nosferatu
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It's nice to know my family isn't alone! My parents--slobbering television junkies--think my husband and I are freaks for raising our son in a TV-free environment. We watch the occasional movie on Hubby's computer (most are either good classics or educational stuff), but for the most part we're too busy reading or playing outside or generally enjoying life. And everyone comments on how bright and imaginative my boy is.

Perhaps they need to pay attention to articles like this more often...

It's gotten to the point where I don't even like visiting my parents at their house, because invariably the conversation becomes more and more one-way...then tapers off completely...and soon enough we're all glued to the boob tube like a bunch of lobotomized monkeys. Blegh.

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I completely agree, D2D....part of why I absolutely can't stand most of what's on TV these days. It's so purely concentrated to be full of melodrama and suspense that the plot and characters don't even matter any more. Even worse on those stupid ultra-gameshows (deal or no deal, 1v100, etc)'s just awful.

Heh, I almost mispelled "awful" as "waffle"....
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Carl, that's because most modern peeps have all the attention span of a retarded mayfly. They can't handle the subtlety of a classic work of...ooh, shiny cars! A butterfly! Is that popcorn I smell...? *wanders away from keyboard*

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I have this on DVD. I picked it up for something like $4 at a "getting rid of our crap" sale at a FYI store. It's fascinating from a historical film point of view, but boring as watching toast for today's "super audiences."
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