DIY Humane Mousetrap.

Scott Marquardt turned this conventional (and quite lethal) mousetrap into a humane "catch and release" DIY trap using coffe can, wire screen, and good old fashioned ingenuity: Link

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I tend to agree as well.

Another humane-ness problem that was quite an educational experience for me: the trap caught baby mice wonderfully -- but some were caught early enough in the night that by the time I checked the trap in the morning, the little things were already uncomfortably dehydrated. That was NOT a fun discovery. As a farm lad and hunter, I learned to hold in contempt those who didn't kill quickly -- and here I was years later, creating suffering myself (albeit unwittingly).

As for the "catch and release" approach, I realized I was probably dooming the released mice to being a meal before long in the forest.

As it turns out, we now have feline means of detering mice. This has proven 100% effective.
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Traditional traps that kill mice instantly are humane. If you take a trapped mouse and relocate it it is likely to go back into your house or somebody elses or be attacked by a mouse who lives in the territory you introduced it to.
Inhumane traps are glue traps that cause mice to slowly die of thirst or poisons that cause them to hemmorrage internally.
A quick whap and a sudden end is preferable.
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