Canadian Legends Figures.

Neatorama reader Andrew Cornwall wrote:

Your Philosophical Powers Action Figures reminded me of the Canadian Legends Action Figures... which have the added benefit that you can actually buy them.

Here's Major General Sir Isaac Brock [wiki], without whom, Canada would probably be a part of the United States.

Canadians regard Brock as one of their greatest military heroes: he was voted #28 Greatest Canadian. Interestingly, Brock actually wasn't even Canadian!

Note quite "action" figures, but interesting nonetheless: Canadian Legends - Thanks Andrew!

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I certainly hope that most Canadians know of Sir Isaac Brock. Next to Sir John A. himself (and the fathers of confederation), General Brock is, in my humble opinion, the single most significant figure in Canadian history. It may be that he would have preferred to earn his glory on the battlefields of Europe, fighting Napoleon, but his fate was to win glory on the Canadian - U.S. border. If you are right, and most Canadians do not presently know of Sir Isaac Brock, then I hope that our schools and our teachers get their acts together and introduce Sir Isaac to the next generation of Canadians.
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I definitely did not know about Sir Isaac Brook. I'm fairly sure they never mentioned him in class -- but I did learn Canadian History in French, so I might not remember *anything.*
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I really doubt that most Canadians know who Sir Isaac Brock was. He's just another name on some schools and a university. Most Canadians know more about US history than their own.
That's why someone came up with this idea - to teach about Canadian history.

Brock was a big hero for his time (war of 1812). There's a memorial in Niagara Falls area - a tower.

And I know for a fact he could kick Wolverine's ass.
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They should make a Northguard action figure - He's Canada's greatest superhero! Well, perhaps not. Wolverine is Canadian too, and he could probably take out Northguard (even allowing for the Uniband).
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