Cockroach as Living Jewelry.

From the website:

If you love jewelry and you love insects you're in luck. Local fashion designer Jared Gold has both available at his Black Chandelier store in Trolley Square.

Gold sells crystal studded brooches made from living Madagascar hissing cockroaches.

"They're Austrian Swarovski crystals and they come in all sorts of colors and each roach has his little pattern on them so they're all individual" says the avant garde designer.

Gold says his company buys insects from a breeder in Los Angeles. A co-worker actually sticks the crystals to the back of every bug. Its a painstaking task that involves what he calls, "a secret process."

They go for forty dollars each, and Gold says they're selling like hotcakes. But, what will animals rights activists say?

ABC4 Article | Jared's website - Thanks Tiffany!

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i have 3 of these roaches (sans the jewels) and they are all quite clean. i really don't see what's disgusting about this. if they got loose in your house they'd do everthing they could to get outside, they're not pests like the german cockroach.
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that's soo disgusting who would want to wear a dirty filthy cockroach, people get called piggish and filfty everday because they have roaches in their homes that's soooooo disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! common now you people who even thought of doing such a thing need to be put in a damn mental hospital forreal....
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the secret process is likely a freezer - there was a photograper i came across a while back who was painting cockroaches and would simply stick them in the freezer for a while to make them sit still long enough to paint them....
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