Aphex Twin's Devil Face.

The beauty of the InterWeb is that sometimes you re-discover old things.

Back in the old days, people accuse Black Sabbath of sneaking satanic messages into their song (that you can only hear by playing it backwards).

That's nothing compared to Aphex Twin, who sneaked in the devil's face in their Windowlicker EP in 1999. The face is revealed when the song is played by a computer software that visualizes sound waves.

Link | Wired Article in 2002 - Thanks Dougall Meloney!

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decided to try this myself. downloaded a .flac version of the song and converted it to .wav with river past. next loaded that wav into spectrogram 14 and used settings similar to this website and I found the image between 327-335 seconds into the song. took a screenie and now its my desktop (annoys the hell outta the wife!)

damn neat
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pld is correct; that's not the devil's face, it is Aphex Twin's face. Look at the rest of his work from that time - he put his face everywhere.
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This was all the rage back a few years ago due to a software package that transformed digital images into sound waves. Of course due to the extreme differences in media and how they are percieved the sound is total sh-te, but it is still a nice little "easter egg" gift to the nerdy fan. I use sonograms/spectrographs/spectral analysis in my own composition and for analysis (cough published cough). Good stuff! (sorry for the propoganda, but a guy's gotta eat, ya know? ;-) )
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