Electric Dirt Bike.

What's so special about this dirt bike?

More power of a Honda CRF150, weighs 100 pounds LESS, but silent. This bike is extremely powerful. This is not a toy!

It begins with a 19+ horsepower (14,400 watt) electric vehicle motor and programmable controller. The power is stored in a special quick-change power pack that can deliver up to 600 amps. Then it's wrapped in the lightest handcrafted aluminum frame made in the USA. The design is so revolutionary, that we are patent pending on 3 patents.

Ride anywhere with no gas, no pollution, no engine to wear out and it costs less than a penny a mile to ride.


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Chris has obviously never ridden an over rich 2 stroke. The polution we're talking about is on a micro level here ... in other words, you don't cough up a lung and smell like a gas tank after a ride. Also, with the low noise level, you *could* sneek this into a normally dirt bike restricted mt bike park :p

So, who makes this and how can I get one?
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Please understand that just because something is electric does not mean that thing does not pollute. Electricity still needs to be produced at power plants, which in general run on coal, hydro, or nuclear power. All have significant environmental impacts. You aren't eliminating the pollution, you are just changing the point source of it.
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