The Top Secret Tickle Me Elmo.

I've never seen this: the top secret TMX Elmo, released ten years after the original Tickle Me Elmo - the hottest toy of 1996 (actually, probably the hottest toy ever! I remember that this must-have toy was so hard to find that parents were offering hundreds of dollars for it).

From the Amazon product description:

This Elmo is all about tickles.

Sit T.M.X. Elmo down and hit one of his three "tickle" spots. There's one under his chin, one on his belly, and one on top of his foot. Yes, this Elmo wiggles just like he did 10 years ago, but that's just the start. Elmo slaps his belly, falls forward with his butt sticking out, stands back up again only to topple backwards, kicks his legs over his belly, and then stands right back up, all while laughing hysterically.

"Again! Again!"

Elmo gets more outrageous when you "tickle" him a second time, and the fun really starts with the third "tickle" session. Elmo's fancy moves include falling over on his side, shimmying on his back, and what seems to be everyone's favorite: lying flat on his belly slapping the floor next to him as if he can’t stop laughing. This Elmo has a serious case of the giggles. His trademark voice builds into a fit of histrionics, endless snickers that drown out everything but an unintelligible cackle until even Elmo admits he has had too much.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Bits & Pieces

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Am I the only one who thinks this is quite possibly one of the most annoying toys ever? I can appreciate the mechanics and technology... really cool.... But about five minutes of hearing elmo and I think any
al-queda operative will tell you anything you want to know.
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