Why use traps or poisons to get rid of those pesky gophers and moles, when you can *explode* them out of their burrows with the Rodenator?

The Rodenator Pro™ uses a controlled mixture of propane and oxygen that is injected into the rodents burrow. A built-in, self contained ignition system then ignites the mixture, creating an underground shockwave or concussion that instantly eliminates the rodent and collapses the tunnel system of most burrowing rodents species.

And it just got approved for use in Montrose, Colorado to clear its airport runways of prairie dogs. The quotes are just too good to pass up:

Ron Dent, a representative of the Colorado Airport Operators, said airports around the state could benefit from the tool. He runs the La Plata County Airport and said prairie dogs are a problem.

“We can shoot the dumb ones, but the smart ones duck when they know we are coming,” Dent said.

Before approving the Rodenator, Wildlife Commissioner Robert Bray said he supported the technique but wanted people to be properly trained. He said the device has the potential to cause significant damage.

“I just have visions of Caddyshack and Bill Murray,” Bray said.

Rodenator Website | Montrose Airport's Approval of the Use of the Rodenator.

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Hay Good Will and Bessymouse, can I use your quotes when Care Flight CRASHES on take off with someone you know onboard that needs medical attention fast, because the runway gave way over a prairie dog town that I cannot prevent, because of people like you????
Have you guys ever thought of how much it would cost to move Prairie Dogs?? I bet you haven't. If you have, please loan me enough to move them and I will. Last but not least do you guys know what the PLAGUE is? I do and I have had it. I was in the Hospital for 6 days. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
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"But how could they approve it with “War on Terror” stuff going on right now. A small device that carries and ignites explosive gas….."

,,, used near AIRPORT RUNWAYS, no less!
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