Fish Skeleton Extension Cord.

What is it? It's an extension cord shaped like fish skeleton! The male plug is at its head, and the female plug is at its tail.


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Creepy if you ask me.

How about:
Pistol-grip-operated ventriloquist dolls.
The thirteenth week fetus
speaks by pulling the trigger.

It's a gun with a fetus-shaped head that has a ventriloquist's dummy mouth.

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I obviously did not look at the site all the way before commenting. First, I was wrong about the price - I was looking at the lamp. Second, did you take a look at the other items that they are selling?!? I floored with laughter:

1. KingGyo-no-Hung Goldfish's excrement.
A natural health meter in tablet form
(made of 18K gold) which you take internally
and examine the results externally.

2. Hai-Gyo Lungfish
Fish bladder incased in a glass container.
Control air pressure in the container by
operating the cylinder pump to move the
fish bladder

3. Na-Uchi-Bou
Fish Beating Stick
A fish swatter and container,
equipped with a fisheye view lens

And my favorite:

4. A thrilling "fish cage" with a special device.
The hanging needles fall off from the roof in
time to the telephone time signal and may hit the
unlucky fish swimming at the bottom.
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