John Denver - Rocky Mountain High.

YouTube user Stonewall Studios made this excellent video set to the music of John Denver [wiki], Rocky Mountain High (1972).

Now I've never visited Colorado, and looking at the beautiful images, it's something that I must fix soon.

Take a break and watch: hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via the always awesome Miss Cellania, who just had her 1 year blogiversary.

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My inspiration for wanting to going to Colorado, is to see where John Denver lived. And see why he loved it so much. It has been a dream of mine forever, and I intend to fullfil that dream, if it is the last thing I do, but one day I will fullfil that dream and if it is as beautiful as John loved it I may just live there.
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The best- Colorado, the only place to be.It is a dream of mine since I've been visiting there for 20+ yrs. Why I haven't gone there to live yet is beyond me, it is my home in my heart.
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I have been visiting Colorado since I was 5 yrs old, about 21 yrs now. The first words I spoke in Colorado will for ever more echo in my mind, "I can not wait to bring my kids here!" I meant that then and I mean that now. Aside from having a family of my own, my dream is to live in the great State of Colorado. Those that do live there are truly blessed.
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I'm a Colorado native and still live here, and I have to agree with everything Jason says. The plains can be rather plain, which makes sense (that's where I live), but Colorado has a ton of beautiful scenery.
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I've been to both coasts and many places in-between. There are many awesome sights in the good old US of A... but Colorado is my home and it really is worth visiting. We've got everything from the Great Sand Dunes to rolling praries/foothills to hot springs and 14,000ft mtns. We get fairly equal time in all 4 seasons and lots of outdoor stuff to do in all of them. I drive to work every morning with a windshield full view of the Rocky Mtns... awww yeah... There are days when I'm driving (in the jeep with the top off) and looking around in awe ...
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